Hi. My name is Alia. I like food.

This site is both my personal website and newsletter home. My portfolio and stuff are linked above. The newsletter is a place where I think thoughts and feel feelings, mostly about the things we eat, especially in and around the foodways of the Nusantara.

All aspects of food are hugely fascinating to me, from the kinesthetic differences between using a fork vs chopsticks, to the fermentation of freshwater fish, to sustainable agricultural practices that will feed those who inherit the earth. Maybe I'll write about all of that. Maybe I'll write about other things altogether. We'll find out. In the meantime, I'm calling it 'Walk Hey'.

For work, I'm an English-Bahasa Melayu translator and recipe developer based in Langkawi, Malaysia. I research, cook, write, edit, and translate for various publications, agencies, and organizations, most notably for Periuk, a Malaysian home-cooking website I co-founded during lockdowns.

Other than food, some of the many things I am interested in and may write about are: swimming, community-care over self-care, the worldbuilding of Firefly/Serenity, dreaming about year-round cold weather, vernacular African American dances, the farmhouse esthetic, Latin American narratives, the Dropout.tv cinematic universe, senior pet care, and healing my mother wound.

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