Walk Hey 04: Slumber parties

A homestyle Chinese dinner set on a wooden table.
My welcome meal at K's: tauge + dragon chives + zha cai, soy sauce stewed pork belly, ikan bilis + chilies.

I'm writing from my pal K's place in an exurb south of KL. While she used to sleepover at mine occasionally years ago, I hadn't yet been a houseguest at hers, so it was about time to rectify that. K's place is a cheerful seafoam-hued apartment filled with houseplants and crafts that she shares with her husband, N.

Apart from having the same birthday, K and I both regularly bond over our love for cooking. This week is no exception. We went in with plans of tart crusts and pecah minyak—though the equally delightful reality is vegetarian meat and discount snack items. She's currently prepping a Chinese home-style lunch, while banh mi loaves are rising to make mortadella sandwiches with.

There's a quiet freedom to slumber parties as an adult. I'll be spending the rest of my time at her place flipping through her cookbook collection and watching her crochet her nth stuffed toy, basking in the hospitality of friends.

Now, but wow!

Every post (issue?) of Walk Hey will be accompanied by a 'Now, but wow!' section, inspired by one of Spilled Milk's segments. Mine will of course have recommendations, and/or news of things I recently published.

My mobile game du jour is Merge Mansion, the app with an ad budget so big they got Kathy Bates and Pedro Pascal. It's much lower stakes than my usual merge game Merge Dragons, plus I haven't been enticed to drop real coin on in-game objects. Wins all around!